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Dear Colleagues,

This is a First Announcement and Call for Papers for the Workshop on Empirical Methods in Macroeconomic Policy Analysis (EMMPA 2013) Bucharest, Romania, 16-17 May, 2013

Keynote speakers: Gianni Amisano (European Central Bank), Gary Koop (Strathclyde University), Rodney Strachan (Australian National University)

The inaugural Workshop on Empirical Methods in Macroeconomic Policy Analysis – jointly hosted by the Faculty of Business

Administration, University of Bucharest and the Romanian Institute for Market Intelligence Research (RIMIR) - will focus on methodologies that achieve an optimal balance between robustness and parsimony in conducting inference from macroeconomic data.

Significant research efforts currently target the development of such methodologies, but they rarely consider applications to Balkan economies, where data is plagued with limited series lengths, frequent structural changes, as well as various errors and omissions.

A central goal of this workshop is to bridge the latter gap by bringing together the expertise in empirical methodology with the expertise in Balkan economies and related policy issues. Specifically, it is intended to bring forth the most recent research methods capable of answering the many challenges of analyzing and designing macroeconomic policy in the Balkan region, and at the same time, to motivate methodological research to consider these particular challenges in advancing empirical instruments.

The workshop is open for participation to academic researchers, policy makers and industry professionals alike. In addition to the keynote speeches, the scientific program includes contributed talks and two poster sessions, with one special poster session dedicated to Ph.D. students (with award for best poster). However, scholarly submission is not a requisite for attendance: non-contributing participants are likewise invited to register and attend.

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The scientific committee invites submission for contributed talks and poster presentations before 1 March 2013. Solicited topics include, but are not limited to:

Bayesian and frequentist times series methods
Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium modeling
Model selection and shrinkage estimation
Forecasting and macroeconomic policy effects
Regime switching and change-point modeling
Simulation and computational efficiency issues

Scientific Committee: Joshua C.C. Chan (Australian National University), Eric Eisenstat (University of Bucharest and RIMIR)

Please feel free to circulate this call. Well look forward to welcoming you in Bucharest!

Best Regards,

EMMPA 2013 Organizing Committee